Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet Review | Wasting Money?

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lucky bums snow sport helmet review

Are you planning to buy a Lucky Bums Helmet? If yes, then you should read this review because I’ve written an unbiased Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet Review to help you decide if you should buy it or not. Lucky Bums has a snowboard helmet that is completely fitted to satisfy the health specifications of all the snowboarders and skiers in the next season. With a solid internal fastening, this helmet is smooth and supportive and has ample ventilation to hold you cool and safe. The Fortunate Bums Snow Sport Helmet has several other excellent features, which are low priced, including two waterproof covers, interchangeable earpads for colder days and endurance wash, and a padded chin strap that is ideally built for additional protection.

Lucky Bums Snow Sports is our research band ‘s least pricey hat, but that doesn’t mean that it slows down. This helmet follows the quality requirement of CE EN1077 and is accessible at a small price. This is a plain helmet with a few characteristics. If you ski a few times during winter and don’t want to break the bank on a new cask, it could be a great choice. That said, because of less sophisticated design, the revision does not perform very well against the other helmets. Also if the helmet doesn’t look the best, this is a decent option with a helmet that doesn’t split the bank.

This helmet is triangular in form and has an outstanding padding design, which helps it fit higher over our test ear. If you have a chance to try this helmet and think the same stuff, check out the helmet Smith Labyrinth, which matches the same formed heads and will not smash the bank. In this test, the Smith Vantage ranked the best, taking home an almost flawless (or the only) 9 out of 10. This helmet hasn’t struck us as particularly warm with open winds and minimum insulation. The ear panels didn’t hold the ears of our tester and let air go up, contributing to the feeling of draining. When your ticket’s comfort and costs are not open, seek a marginally better offer on the Giro Ledge or Smith Mazes (10 dollars or 100 dollars more respectivly).

Here some of the great features of Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet:

  • ABS and EPS that completely comply with the EN1077
  • External insulation and ear covering with antibacterial and hypoallergenic preparation
  • Inner shell includes multisports and mesh screens to counter the effects of snow.
  • Multi-size and match options flexible
  • Adjustable micro strap to fit perfectly.
  • 4 styles for each helmet to pick from
  • Cutting edge and dynamic dial style
  • Lifetime guarantee of the manufacturer

The Snow Sport didn’t allow ventilation very good with only a few slight winds at the tip of the hat. However, this helmet has adjustable earpieces that were significantly supported on warm days. With the exception of the Bern Team Baker and Anon Raider, we found that most of our test team went better than Snow Sport. The Snow Helmet is light on both hands and ears, but it’s feeling marginally bulkier than the new, better, more expensive, $200 or Smith Vantage, 270 USD helmets like the Giro Region! The helmet ranked at top of the line at a cheap quality, winning eight out of 10.

Lucky Bum Adult Snow Ski Helmet, Multiple Sizes and Colors
Lucky Bum Adult Snow Ski Helmet, Multiple Sizes and Colors

If this helmet has some deficiencies, it’s not one of the goggle compatibility. The Smith guns we tested with had an almost seamless fit on the helmet, removing any airflow gap or undesired flux against the front of our testers, and achieving over 7 out of 10 of average.

This rival has more sophistication than you might (first) imagine for a helmet attempting to do it all at a low price. With good curves, it’s pretty smooth. This castle is a perfect alternative if you ski a couple of days a year only, but want to shield your noggin when on the pistes. Although it’s not amazing, it’s fine. Check out the Giro Ledge if you ski a few times a year, but would like a similar helmet with a more look. As the cheapest cast in the study, the Snow Helmet is used for the sometimes customer as an entry-level hat.

Conclusion of this Helmet

The minimalist design, versatility and quick to chew price point of the LB Snow Helmet make this a perfect helmet for guests who don’t want an extravagant helmet for a bell and whistle. Yeah, we understand that this is not the high quality ski and mountain bike helmet that can even be used for skiing, so it may only be the protection if you are dedicated to the health of the head and enjoying your winter sports. The “Cool Aspect” is any of the latest technology helmets on the market but you’ll still cost about twice the size, if not more. The helmet is just as robust and convenient as the high-tech helmets and can be purchased at a decent price.

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